Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my husband, Tim King.
There are few men living who exemplify what it means to be an authentic Christian. You are one of a rare breed. You love God with a wholeheartedness that is refreshing. You live your life with integrity that shows in even the smallest detail. You are committed to having the best marriage in the world - and love a ding dong like me! You are sensitive to the needs of your children - striving to instill the most vital understandings in them while taking time to laugh, talk, play, make memories and delight in them daily. You are a loyal friend, a competent counselor, an incredible pastor and excellent preacher. You bring intensity to life and joy to all you do. May the Lord grant you AT LEAST 48 more years of living and loving! Happy Birthday, Timo, I love you!

Great Things!

When I started this blogging business, my son-in-law told me, "It's easy. Just post something once a week." Well...I'm starting to think that once a month would be a better target. Sigh. After more than a few friendly reminders last week at No Limits, I think it is time to check in, if even to just say GOD IS DOING GREAT THINGS! Life is busy and speeding up here in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley.
Having been inspired and directed during Innovate, we are now working at integrating loops and adding some of the great new material we heard at No Limits to our repertoire, as well as learning the piano in 90 days, setting up a drum cage and getting an appointment to have our Hammond organ checked out. (It is a beautiful instrument, but evidently it has not been used in twenty or so years.) Bro Young, Bro Vandiver and all of the incredible leaders did a FANTASTIC job of inspiring, encouraging and giving us concrete steps to growing a world class worship environment. Thank you for your hard work! Now we go to work putting it all together...
The interior renovation of our sanctuary is about to swing into full gear. It should be messy fun. We will be scraping popcorn ceiling off, hardwiring our sound and media systems, reinforcing a sagging roof with 40' beams, adding a tongue and groove ceiling, replacing all light fixtures and adding directional lighting over the pulpit, painting walls, adding crown moulding, pillars, window and door trim, baseboards, a sound booth, and generally giving the church a face lift. We have also received a permit to place a modular building next to the sanctuary for Sunday School classes! We'll be starting that much needed expansion as soon as the sanctuary is completed. Just listing all of impending projects takes my breath away! It is exciting, exhausting work well worth the doing. We'll be posting pictures as we progress.
We continue to have great church week after week. 10 people have received the Holy Ghost in the few months since we have been here. Bro Rick Trudell was baptized last Sunday and his wife will be in the coming week. Brother King is busy giving Bible studies and discipling new saints. There is an excitement stirring...after a month of prayer and fasting focused on dominion, unity, and revival, we sense God is on the move.
He is doing GREAT THINGS!

Monday, December 1, 2008

This Made Me Cry...but what doesn't!

Everyone loves a good cry, right? Sappy love stories with happy endings sell millions of copies. A handful of dandylions from a thoughtful son or daughter is a treasured surprise in the midst of a chaotic day of home-making. A country song about the simple pleasures of life brings a knowing nod and a lump in the throat. This video made me misty and then lumpy-throated. I had to walk away quickly to avoid a big bawl-fest. (I walked away to find the kitty and hug her) Hope it touches your heartstrings like it touched minel. I love you, my friends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Acquiescing to Technology

Over the months, we Kings have enjoyed peeking into the sights, sounds, thoughs and events of our friends and family both far and near through the phenomenon of blogging. We have gathered around the computer, laughing with you, smiling at you, and connecting with you, though you never knew it. You have helped us feel connected and close. We saw Emily and James as both John McCain and Sara Palin AND as Cotton Candy and Popcorn. We laughed as the Pierce family pry up their deck seaching for a cat that was in the tree above them. We chuckled at Ben launching into a fountain, and have prayed for Stephanie's back. the urging of our Techno Trailblazing son, James, we are joining you in the blogosphere.

The past three years have held exciting change for the King family. I regret that we didn't start journaling our lives then, but now is as good a time as any, as we are in the midst of a new beginning. This month has found us unpacking, and making a home in Wenatchee, Washington, following the call of God. After much payer and fasting we strongly felt that God has brought us to this beautiful city at the eastern foot of the Cascade mountains, two hours east of Seattle, two hours west of our great friends, the pioneering Mayo family in Spokane, and 4 1/2 hours from our precious friends, the Malone family, who are blazing the trail in Missoula, Montana. We are looking forward to seeing God unfold His purpose and promises for us here, and to the incredible revival that is brewing in the Northwest region of this desperate country!

Check in with us, laugh with us, PRAY FOR US as we make memories and do our best to leave a legacy!